Jewelry laser welding machine

  1. No consumable part, one time investment
  2. No pollution but Firmer welding
  3. Easy operation, fast welding speed ,save your time to make more profit .
  4. Not many requirements to the operator, only simple training can operate well

What is the advantage of Dowin jewelry laser welding machine?


Adopted imported ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, long service life.The laser power feedback control system to ensure the stability of laser energy output.


Motic microscope observation operation,clear and more convenient for operation.


The diameter of the laser welding point is adjustable, and the laser welding has high precision and high accuracy.


YAG machine can welding narrow place, deep cavity repair welding, will not hurt the surrounding wall. It will not deform the mold product or sink around the weld pool.Make up for the short comings of traditional argon arc welding, cold welding in the repair of the fine surface of the welding


Special argon gas protection, control system can freely adjust the inlet and outlet time, repair welding site and substrate will not burn oxidation.When welding fine corners, it will not burn edges.

 Jewelry laser welding machine

Technical parameter

Model No.

DW-JW 150W              DW-JW 200W

Laser Source


Laser Wavelength


Rated Power

150W              200W

Laser Energy

60J               80J

Pulse Width


Pulse Frequency


Beam Diameter


Power Supply

220V±10% /50Hz

Observing System


Chamber Illumination

Xenon lamps

Parameters Memorization

10 groups

Protection Alert

flow alert

Language Display


Shield Gas Supply

One line

Cooling System

water cooling

Power Consumption

5KW              6KW

Running Environment

5℃-30℃, 5%-75% humidity

Packing size/Gross Weight



It is mainly used for jewelry and dental industries, spot welding blisters and repairing of gold and silver jewelry. It is suitable for multiple metals such as gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and titanium, and its alloy materials. It can also be used for dentures and tiny precision devices such as battery nickel. Welding in the fields of tape, integrated circuit leads, clock spring, picture tube, electron gun assembly, etc.

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