Laser Application

Laser engraving and cutting wood,MDF, leather, cloth,acrylic, rubber, plastic,PVC ,paper, epoxy resin,bamboo.
Engraving glass, ceramic ,marble ,stone and coated metal .

Fiber laser marking technology is capable to mark the metal materials and partial non-metal materials, especially suitable for some fields required more precise and higher smoothness.

YAG welding widely used for denture,Jewelry,mold repairing and refurbishing, Die casting mold laser repair industry,YAG welder combines with the corresponding welding wire for laser welding repair. Mold repair requirements.Mobile phone cover repair industry, Precision plug-in laser welding industry, Dowin YAG Laser welder can repair the precision plug-in mold core almost perfectly. The hardness after welding is the same as the mold core. It can precisely repair narrow seams, sharp corners and deep grooves without burning other parts.

Fiber Laser cutting is one of the commonly used laser processing methods. Laser cutting types are divided into four categories: laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, and laser scribbling and controlled fracture. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has higher cutting quality - narrow incision width, small heat affected zone, smooth incision, fast cutting speed, strong flexibility - arbitrary shape can be cut at will, wide material adaptability and other advantages.

Laser rust remove machine is used for Mold industry,Military equipment industry,Shipbuilding and marine engineering,Car manufacturer,Building exterior and cultural relics prediction,Nuclear power plant,Construction machinery and heavy industry.

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