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Auto parts Laser Engraving Solution

Provide laser solution to mark bearing, hardware tools, auto parts manufacturer information, logo, date, serial number by DOWIN laser handheld laser marking machine and flying marking machine

The proportion of hardware products and auto parts in the market has always occupied an important position, and the role and function of laser marking machines play a crucial role in the development of hardware products and the automotive industry.

A variety of laser machines provide guidance for the hardware and automotive industries

In the production of automobiles and parts, the establishment of identity is the basis of quality traceability and recall.

It is very important to establish the identity of automobiles and parts through marking. Automobile marking has been more and more widely used because of its high efficiency and adaptability.

Gears are the most widely used and large general mechanical parts in the transmission system of mechanical equipment. They are made of low-carbon steel to make the surface of the workpiece wear-resistant.

The laser marking machine can easily solve the Logo, model and size of gears, bearings and other accessories engraving problem, cooperate with the conveyor belt to achieve mass production and improve production efficiency

Laser marks bar codes, serial numbers, text and logos on bearings, tires and other auto parts, button.

How to use laser marking machine to engrave hardware and auto parts such as bearings, flanges, tires, etc?

1. Prepare one set laser marking machine connected with your computer

2. Please input design or type text, qr code... in EZCAD software of the marking machine

3. Simply operate software to set parameter, you can get the pattern you want marked on the product


The advantages of laser marking machine for marking hardware and auto parts

Laser marked text and graphics are not only clear and fine, but also a permanent mark, which is very beneficial for product quality and channel tracking.

The laser marking machine can meet the needs of printing a large amount of data on extremely small hardware products, and can print two-dimensional bar codes that require higher definition.

High-efficiency marking speed and marking quality ensure low-cost operation and unconditional high feasibility. Laser marking of auto parts can make the parts more beautiful and make different parts different, which is more conducive to the rapid development of the auto industry.

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