Metal laser cutting machine

Laser engraving and cutting wood,MDF, leather, cloth,acrylic, rubber, plastic,PVC ,paper, epoxy resin,bamboo.
Engraving glass, ceramic ,marble ,stone and coated metal .

Fiber Laser cutting is one of the commonly used laser processing methods. Laser cutting types are divided into four categories: laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, and laser scribbling and controlled fracture. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has higher cutting quality - narrow incision width, small heat affected zone, smooth incision, fast cutting speed, strong flexibility - arbitrary shape can be cut at will, wide material adaptability and other advantages.

Widely used for Kitchenware industry,Automobile manufacturing industry like automobile brake pads. Fitness equipment industry,Advertising metal word industry,Chassis and Cabinet Industry, Agricultural machinery industry,shipbuilding industry,elevator manufacturing industry.

CNC plasma and flame cutting ,compare with fiber laser cutting, its speed lower and not as higher precision as fiber laser cutting, but CNC flame cutting is the best choice for  big size and thick steel cutting.

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