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Provide customers with professional technical, application and price consultation ,free testing before order.

Free Software,manuals and videos download.

Professional, comprehensive training videos and materials are provided.

Free Spare Parts And Service Within Warranty Time.

Implement 48-hour problem & Questions Confirmation and Solution Policy .

Oversea Travel Service.

We have user manual or videos instructions for all our our Laser equipment. Here are only parts of them,Please contact with us directly if couldn't find here.

The DW-6090 model was one of the first lasers we produced in 2010 (took on Guangzhou Expo ) - 12 years later it's still going strong and selling well - a classic laser engraving cutting machine.

At the beginning, we didn't pay attention to brand promotion, and put more energy on product improvement and customer support. For example, many customers remember our sales manager's name Nika, but they can't own the company's name....

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