How to make deep engraving with fiber laser marking machine

How to make deep engraving with fiber laser marking machine?
The laser marking machine is used for deep engraving and engraving, which is mainly used in metal materials, such as aluminum plate deep engraving and stainless steel deep engraving.
There are generally two types of machine options for deep engraving, one is an ordinary marking machine with shallow engraving depth, and the other is a 3D marking machine, which can be set according to its own needs.
The deep engraving of the ordinary marking machine is completed within the light-emitting range, generally at a position of about 0-1.5mm within its focus range. In theory, the marking depth is also within this range, but according to its laser Different from the marking area, the engraving depth will also change accordingly.

JPT Mopa M7 series laser color marking machine
For the 3D marking machine, the depth of engraving is completed according to the depth of the software facilities during marking. Before starting marking, the depth to be engraved can be set to multiple layers in the marking software. Then move the focus position little by little according to the completed layer until the corresponding marking depth is completed.

3D fiber laser marking machine for curved surface engraving deep carving (2)
Whether it is an ordinary marking machine or a 3D marking machine, the time and area of ​​deep engraving are proportional. The larger the engraving area, the longer it takes to reach the required depth. issues to consider.
Of course, deep engraving not only has requirements for the marking machine, but also has corresponding requirements for the thickness of the material to be engraved. If the engraving material is relatively thin, it is easy to cause material deformation under the action of the high-temperature laser of the marking machine.
, Of course, if you want to use a laser marking machine for deep engraving of materials, but don’t know which machine to choose, you can contact us at any time, and we will have professional staff to give you professional guidance.

Post time: Oct-20-2022