What brand CO2 laser tube is better for your CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine ?RECI, CDWG ,YL,EFR,JOY or other brand?

There are so many brands Glass tubes on the markets,when you choose laser machine also could choose what brand laser tube for your laser engraving and cutting machine. But which one is the best for you ? We use mostly RECI, CDWG and YL. In the following years will continue using RECI and CDWG.

According to our appearance :


1. If you dont care about the cost , sure RECI is always the best, but also high price , W1-W8, now they have also T series(shorter warranty time ,maybe want to share lower market with other brand). mostly use W2-W4 and W6 . we used some W8 very high price but not very good quality, sure there after salve service is good , send new one free if there is quality problem.

2.YL and EFR , compare with RECI ,they have much better prices , and ok quality ,that’s why their market have raised rapidly. .. because of price ,meaningless to compare them with RECI laser tube. For power 60W-130W , those brands are all ok and prices more or less same for those three brand, But not 150W,We must pay more attention to 150W when we choose  , YL 150W laser beam too thick (laser engraving and cutting line is wider) , RECI 150W expensive, then we can consider CDWG 150W tube much much better, price is also not much expensive .


Now lets say CDWG (S series ).it is not as famous as RECI, even not famous as YL, but very good quality ,its an old brand ,after so many years market testing their quality still good until now. Thin laser beam,long tube life ...from 60W -150W, we recommend this brand .We have been in laser machine field more than 12 years, 10 years ago , RECI and CDWG were the most famous brand and quality RECI NO1. CDWG No2. then there are EFR and YL brand. YL performance strong power but CDWG tube life is longer with stable power, even with same warranty time. (here we are talking about YL H and R series, not As series which same prices as RECI)

4.Joy , mostly use its 40W 50W small laser tubes ,and also famous for its 220W-300W dual core tubes....also there are so many other cheap brands but we dont use , sorry couldnt give more suggestions , but as we all know we pay what we get .

Post time: Mar-11-2022