Hand-held laser welding head manual operation and daily maintenance

Hand-held laser welding head manual operation and daily maintenance

1. Handheld laser welding head operation and maintenance

1>. Handheld laser welding mechanics must undergo their own professional technical training, understand the use of information system indicators and buttons, and be familiar with the most basic equipment management knowledge;
2>. The work of the handheld test laser welding machine before processing the slot without damaging the bare wires; the robot body, external shaft, spray gun station, water cooler on non-local items, tools, etc.;
3>. It is strictly forbidden to place a liquid object, flammable object and temperature change in the operating room on the control cabinet. The temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, and there will be no air leakage, water leakage and electricity leakage.

2. Maintenance of the welding machine

1>. Do inspection work regularly.
2>.Because the welding machine adopts forced air cooling, it is easy to inhale the surrounding dust and accumulate in the machine. So we can often use clean compressed air to blow away the dust in the welding machine.
3>. Regularly check the site wiring of the power cord.
4>.In the annual maintenance and inspection, comprehensive technical repair management work such as replacement of some defective parts, repair of the outer shell and reinforcement of the insulation degradation parts should be implemented.

3. Maintenance of welding torch

1>. Regular inspection and replacement of contact tips
2>. Periodically organize data cleaning and replacement of spring hoses
3>. Inspection of the insulating ferrule
The above-mentioned regular maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding failures. Although it takes a certain amount of time and effort, it can extend the life of the welding machine, improve the operating efficiency, ensure the performance of the welding machine, and improve the safety. In addition, in the process of using the handheld laser welding machine, safety protection cannot be ignored.

Post time: Mar-11-2022